How far would you go to change your world?

This is a question asked by the film, Revolutionary Optimistsa film about how children are saving lives in the slums of Kolkata.  It all started with Amlan Ganguly, a lawyer who realized that the legal system, with large fees and a drawn out process, actually does very little to bring justice to the poor.  He started to look for ways that he could go into impoverished communities and help himself.  He did not intend to turn children into agents of change, but in doing so the community has had increased access to clean water, a higher uptake of Polio vaccines and reduced incidence of the disease, all playing a part in helping children live beyond 5.

Meet Salim, One of the children working as an agent of change.  From the film’s website, ‘Salim is an eleven-year-old boy who is fighting to make change in one of Kolkata’s worst slums, but his family faces many hardships—including having to leave their home at 4:30 every morning to steal water from a neighboring slum, as there is no water in their colony. By mapping their un-mapped community and collecting data about the problems that they face, Salim and his fellow child activists hope to convince the government to give them a water tap.’

In the film the children take their map to officials, showing the locations of water pumps that were promised to provide, but were unkept and didn’t work. An official tells them that their map is inaccurate and incomplete and that the children need to come back when it is finished.  The response? One of the children speaks up, ‘I am just a twelve year old girl, it is your job to fill in the blanks.’

See these amazing children transform their community as Beyond 5 joins an online screening hosted by World Vision’s Women of Vision.   During the screening you will be able to interact with other viewers and ask questions.  Members of World Vision’s Beyond 5 and Strong Women, Strong World campaigns will answer your questions and discuss film issues. You can watch the trailer below.

WHENJune 20, 2013: 3 P.M. P.T. / 6 P.M. E.T. online
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