Superheros come in all forms.  Today we would like to introduce you to Saw Htay Plain, a 16-year old boy from Myanmar who is courageous enough to stand up and talk to world leaders so that he and his community can see change.  He asks for job opportunities, access to education and health. Read his letter.
My name is Saw Htay Plain and I am 16 now. I live in the small village called Kan Kone which is in Tharbaung township, delta region.I would like to share about my life: living and growing up in a village. Villages in Myanmar are remote and communities living the areas are poor.

We have to struggle to meet the basic needs every day in our lives. If only we work from dawn to sunset, it’s barely enough for food.Though we struggle to earn a living, job opportunities are very limited in our areas and the money we earn is too little to cover family’s basic needs. Sometimes, we don’t have enough food for everyone in the family. We have to keep working without having proper, nutritious meals which leads to malnutrition.

I would like to ask the leaders to eradicate the hunger and poverty from the world so that the children and families do not suffer. Please create job opportunities for the people, especially youths, living in remote areas. I believe that our lives become better if the leaders get interest in the issues that we are facing and support us.

Another big issue in our community is a great scarcity of water. Addition to hunger, as we do not have enough drinking water, we suffer the tremendous heat in summer. Hunger and water shortages pose a major threat to the survivals of children in our community. Tragic things happen in front of our eyes, but we can’t do much. It is very sad.

For the students like me, we have to walk over an hour to get to school every day. Sometimes, we don’t have time to go to school as we have to help parents to get enough money for buying food for the whole family. Most of my friends, they leave school and work as house maids in the city so that they can support their families financially. There’s a saying in Myanmar, “harrowing only after the rainy season:” it’s in vain if you plough the fields after the rain. Likewise, we don’t stop the hunger and poverty right now, the generations after generations never escape from this vicious cycle.

I want the leaders to see how people are living in the poverty and to help us improving our lives. With your support and help, I believe that the lives of people living in remote and poor villages can be improved.

One has to fight for his own survival, but for millions of hungry children in our world, everyone must contribute. I believe that we can eradicate the hunger from our world if every single one works together with sympathy and empathy. I would like to ask the leaders to help us not only in eradicating hunger and poverty from this world, but also in improving our living standards and developing our villages.  I’m writing this letter and waiting with the hope of all the leaders of the world will make better world for all the children.

Photo: Saw Htay Plain drafts his letter. © 2012 World Vision/ photo by Htet Htet Oo


  • I have a project that can help address national and world hunger and some national and world poverty. 1/2 the food grown in this country of the United States of America is thrown out due to bruising, spoilage, and the like. Much of this food can be canned and used throughout the world to address world hunger. We have the food and the resources to do this. We have a nation that is capable donating the funds to do this if we push this to feed here first and than the world. If the United States and Europe would stand together on this I believe we can eliminate this issue from the world. It will not totally eliminate poverty but I believe we can make a significant dent in it. I believe also we can totally eliminate world hunger for the children of the world. The children is all people of all ages. None should suffer hunger when we have the food and the resources. I believe I have a plan that can address these issues over time if we can come together to work for the common cause of helping people help themselves and helping those that cannot.
    Sincerely Pastor Billy Byrd I can be contacted at or (870)330-4653

  • I am writing an additional comment to say that the world leaders can only answer a portion of the matter. It is going to take the common people uniting together for the common cause of humanity to fully address the issues.

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