Today we feature not one superhero, but several.  Women in Hartford, Connecticut planned a Walk for Water, an event to inform, educate and advocate for water.  The plan was to have participants walk a mile, learning facts about water along the way.  A women in African attire would share what it was like to walk for water everyday and half way through, the participants would arrive at a river to collect a bucket of dirty water and experience what it was like to carry the water back to the beginning.

“Tireless hours of planning and prayer had been spent and countless invites had been sent out in hopes for our chapter’s recent Walk for Water event to be a grand family occasion in both attendance and education. As the hour came near, our hopes plummeted as it became, well – a Walk IN Water. IT RAINED…and pretty much rained us out.”

Despite the drizzle, these women could not be stopped.  Their kids loved it, everyone learned and they shared inspiration.  Anna Goodworth, the coordinator shared,

“One highlight for me is the unique call that a fellow woman in our (Women of Vision) chapter, Kerrie Gregory, had to this event. Kerrie and her four kids walked down to a river throughout the Lenten season (even in the snow) in education and honor of those who don’t have clean water. It had a deep impact on their family. It was very inspiring, therefore, then to see her and one of her daughters as the greeters to our walk, no matter the weather.”

This group of women are doing another walk for water this upcoming October, the one rainy walk did not dampen their spirits.  Read the details of their walk and see what it would take to plan your own.  Rain or shine, your voice and actions matter.

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