“I think it just felt normal to donate some money to a child.”

These were the words of a woman in Sweden thinking back to when she made a decision to sponsor a boy in Nairobi, Kenya.  That boy grew up, went to Harvard, returned to Kenya and created a program to help educate children in need.  This woman’s one act created a ripple affect that did not change just one life, but changed, and is still is changing, the lives of many.

One Small Act is available streaming on Netflix. Sit down with your popcorn and find out how one woman unknowingly helped to change the world.

“How can you change the world, where are you going to start? Sometimes it’s as good to help just one child.”

One Small Act is not an anomaly.  When you give to a child you can instill a lifetime of compassion.  Former World Vision sponsor children are now teaching in Thailand, advocating for land rights in Kenya and one former sponsor child in the Philippines was able to graduate, provide a house for his mother in siblings, sponsor a child himself and is now training  to become a Jesuit priest and serve among the poor.

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