Throughout July we have shared stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things to help those most in need.  This summer, what is your superhero moment going to be? Making your moment can be as simple as a phone call or a quick 30-minute meeting; it will make a difference.

There is no simple solution to getting children beyond 5. The problem is complex, but not impossible.  To solve the problem, we must address nutrition, water, prenatal care, maternal health, education and multiple other factors.  World Vision has programs in all of these areas, but a single program will never be able to reach as many people as a country’s government can.

Leaders in the United States have the power to create laws that protect funding and reach those who are most in need, generating benefits not only for those living in poverty, but for world economies and the United States over time.  Even if someone is a member of Congress, they are still just a person and cannot be expected to be well versed in every issue. This is where you come in.

In August, members of the Beyond 5 community across the country will be meeting with elected leaders to talk about how to get children beyond 5, specifically the impact clean water can have on a child and the Water for the World Act [this action has expired]. You do not need to be an expert; Beyond 5 will provide you with fact sheets. You can share your personal stories, why you are passionate about this issue, or simply pray. Oftentimes meetings can happen in or close to the city where you live. Attending an in-district meeting can be intimidating, but remember: Congress works for you, but if you do not tell them what you want, they will not know how to vote.

Beyond 5 will help you engage your church and connect you with others in your area, you will not be alone! Small actions will add up big to your superhero moment.


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