Today we welcome a guest post from Taylor Gleason, our summer intern.  She shares how one summer changed her perspective on advocacy. We’re going to miss you, Taylor!

By Taylor Gleason

If you would have met me a year ago and told me that I would be interning at World vision with the Advocacy department, one of two things would have happened.

  1. I would have laughed and said, “Good one.”
  2. After learning what advocacy meant and finding out that it involves government, I would have run like the wind.

Thankfully, God had other plans. Like always, He knows what’s best for us, and this summer has been no exception.
I understand how it feels to run from politics. I have never once e-mailed, called or met with my member of Congress. I had no idea what the word “constituent” meant, and let’s be honest, what I learned from Schoolhouse Rock was the extent of my knowledge about the government.

One thing that I do know is that I am passionate about helping God’s people who are in need. Like any naïve American, I’ve always thought that I could donate money someday when I get a good job, am financially stable and find the “perfect organization,” one that makes me feel good. That is how I am going to make a big impact in the world. However, working at World Vision has taught me that we are called to give so much more than just monetary donations. Yes, money can and does go a long way in helping those in need and plays a vital role, but it’s not the entire solution.

World Vision and Beyond 5 don’t just talk about helping those in need. they understand that it takes more than just eager hearts and honest desires to help others- it also requires action. A big part of that is when people like you and me are willing to talk to our representatives to get them involved and passionate about issues like hunger or clean water. Alone, we can only go so far. But if we work together, we can make a significant impact. Call it cliché, but it’s the truth.

Believe me. I get it. I used to be skeptical about advocacy too. But when you decide to give it a chance, you will be amazed at what your voice can do. We have the power and ability to speak out for those who do not have a voice.I challenge you to step back and ask yourself this question: “Are we honoring the Lord if we choose to only speak out whenever it’s comfortable for us?”

The Lord calls us to be His hands and feet on this earth. We have the chance to make a major impact for the Kingdom of God. So now the question is “What are you going to DO about it?”


  • You are a special woman! I’m so glad that you are part of our daughter’s life and., by extension, ours! Hugs to you, Sweet Lady!

  • I am always one of those folks that says I will write to my congressman and nver do it. I’m going to use the tools on the Beyond 5 site to let my representatives know I want them to support clean water fo rthose in need. Thanks for inspiring me to do this!

    • Great news, Hal! We’re glad you are taking action! Keep checking back for ore opportunities to advocate – your voice counts!

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