May 4-11 is the Global Week of Action [this action has expired] and we are inviting you to join by being a voice for mothers and babies across the globe. Being a mother is a difficult job no matter where you are, however when you are undernourished, cannot access medical care, do not have clean water for your family, and worry about if your children will be educated—this job is notably more difficult. Often malnourishment, disease, having children too closely spaced, and not having skilled care during delivery puts the mother’s and child’s life at risk.

In developed countries, 1 in 4000 mothers will lose their life due to complications from pregnancy or childbirth, vs 1 in 51 in countries termed ‘least developed.’ Despite this disparity, there is a chance that world leaders will leave maternal and child health off of the global development agenda.

Stand with millions around the world during the Global Week of Action and be a voice for moms and babies. Ask President Obama to remember mothers around the world this Mother’s Day, by including them in the conversation and making a commitment at the upcoming G7 meetings. The United States has a leading role to play in protecting the lives of mothers everywhere. Send an email now.

After you take action, ask your friends to do the same. Share the following pictures and messages on your social media networks.

No matter where she lives, every mom matters. I am a part of the Global Week of Action, speaking out for moms everywhere.

I am participating in the #GlobalWeekofAction because every mother deserves a chance, no matter where she lives

The most difficult job in the world, is more difficult for some than others. #globalweekofaction

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