Whether you have made a phone call, written an op-ed for a newspaper, or just told someone about an issue or a bill– you are an advocate and we want to know your story!

Why do you advocate? Do you feel it is a part of your call as a Christian? How do you engage your family and friends? How do you feel when you hear that bills, like the Girls Count Act and Water for the World Act, have passed? Something that you were a part of– that will improve the lives of children and families in the most vulnerable parts of the world.

Everyone’s impact is significant, and we want to start sharing the stories of the people who are really making the difference– you! Fill out the form below or email us your story and we may share it on Beyond 5 or feature it on our Advocacy Action Center.

In upcoming months look for the stories of people like you, making a difference in a big way!

Photo: Women from Charlotte, North Carolina meet with their members of Congress to provide education about maternal and child health issues and to ask them to support foreign assistance programs that will help moms and babies. © World Vision/ photo by Christina Bradic


  • In 2009, at age 53, I entered law school in the hope of increasing the amount of justice in the world. I was 58 when I began volunteering my services at the Legal Aid Society of Orange County and received the inestimable honor of being sworn in as a member of the California bar.

    In the year and a half in which I have been an attorney, I have been privileged to secure justice for numerous dear clients who would have had no legal support were it not for the free services they received through LASOC. I shall list some highlights:

    I prevented an honest gentleman from becoming homeless when the local housing authority wrongfully accused him of fraud and notified him that he would no longer receive Section 8 benefits. Last month I did likewise for an older immigrant couple. All three clients had disabilities.

    I convinced a water company that it had overcharged its former customer and saw to it that her balance was zeroed out, restoring the client’s faith in mankind by my refusal to give up on her case although the amount in dispute was initially under $35.

    I negotiated a settlement enabling a formerly wealthy client who had experienced a financial reversal to do away with his credit card debt by paying one tenth of his outstanding balance.

    I obtained regional center services for a developmentally disabled teen with autism who had been denied the services he required after having been determined to be insufficiently disabled.

    I discovered a way for a woman to transfer her funeral plan, which she no longer desired, to her daughter without paying the $400 she had been told the transaction would cost.

    I secured wages for a client who had resigned from her position at a nail salon when, upon her departure, her employer withheld her last three weeks’ earnings.

    I won a tenant’s right to retain possession of his rented room after he was served with an Unlawful Detainer for having deducted from his rent payment the amount he had paid for a necessary repair to his kitchen sink.

    I had charges against an 85-year-old woman dismissed after her vindictive neighbor had reported her to their homeowner’s association for non-existent violations of aesthetic rules with respect to the condition of her walled patio area.

    I obtained a reasonable accommodation from a city after a three-and-a-half-year battle for a client with disabilities warranting an exemption from a city ordinance.

    I secured a postmaster’s agreement to resume mail delivery to a client after an unwarranted suspension of service and a threat that his mail would no longer be held for him at the Post Office but would be returned to senders.

    I obtained exemptions from creditors’ levies on clients’ bank accounts.

    While I have not been paid for any of these services, I can think of nothing that I would rather be doing with my golden years. These legal victories are endlessly rewarding to me as I restore people’s peace of mind, faith in humanity, and ability to live in their homes in peace.

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