Thank you! Yesterday the House of Representatives voted on the Global Food Security Act and the bill passed 370 to 33! We want to say thank you to our advocates who not only acted quickly on Monday, encouraging ‘yes votes,’ but also spent the past months calling, emailing, and meeting with their members of Congress to educate them about the importance of this bill and the necessity of it passing this session.

Bills such as the Global Food Security Act help to shape U.S. policy in a way that will make a global impact — influencing decisions, and strengthening and supporting programs, that have the power to reach millions of people around the world with resources to strengthen resiliency and build self-sustainability.

Now, the bill moves to the Senate! This is what you can do next:

Say ‘thank you’ to your Representative for voting yes! If they did not vote yes, let them know that as your constituent you support programs such as the Global Food Security Act. Find out how they voted and send an email now!

Thank members of Congress who led on the bill publicly, via Twitter

The House just passed #GFSA! Thanks for leading, @RepChrisSmith @BettyMcCollum04 @RepEdRoyce @RepEliotEngel #no1hungry

Passing the House is a huge success! However, the bill still needs to pass through the Senate and be signed by the President. Click here to send an email to your Senators and ask them to cosponsor the Global Food Security Act.

Thank you for your continued advocacy on behalf of children, families, and others around the world!

Photo: In Cambodia, Loa, age 6, helps his father pick sweet potatoes. © 2015 World Vision


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