Last month we asked you to submit your questions about Syria and the refugee crisis. We were in Washington, D.C., with colleagues from Jordan who see first hand the effects this situation is having on children. After we returned to our D.C. office one afternoon, Frances Charles, Advocacy Director for World Vision International’s Syria Crisis Response as of April 2016, based in Amman, Jordan, sat down with us to answer your questions.

We went to Washington, D.C. because we feel it is important to tell leaders in Congress what is going on in Syria and surrounding countries — giving reports from the people who are there on the ground. Sometimes the loudest voices are heard and repeated, but our job is to amplify the voices that are speaking the truth. Recently, World Vision commissioned a report to look at the cost of the war in Syria:

“The numbers showing the impact on the economies of Syria and neighboring countries are a window into the human suffering caused by this conflict. Behind every dollar figure, every statistic, every percentage, there is a child, a child who can no longer go to school, a child who must go to bed hungry, a child who cannot access the medical treatment they need, and who does not have a proper roof over their head.” —Wynn Flaten, World Vision’s Syria Crisis Response Director.

As we marked the fifth anniversary of the war in Syria, World Vision partnered with Devex, European Commission, International Organization for Migration, and UN Volunteers for #AcrossBorders, a month long conversation exploring human migration and the journey to a secure future.

Here are some highlights from the #AcrossBorders conversation:

What is the role of Christians to respond to the refugee crisis?

Why World Vision sees ‘moment of opportunity’ in Syria response.

How can displacement be prevented in the first place?

There are two things that you can do to respond to the refugee crisis:

Contact Congress and ask that accounts that support refugee and migration assistance in the Middle East are strongly funded in the next budget. You will also have the opportunity to share the story of a refugee, putting faces to the statistics.

Pray. Ask God to protect children from violence and to give their parents and other caregivers the means to provide safe places for them to live, play and learn.

“Father, war makes even the safest places dangerous and frightening.  Please protect Syrian children from the violence that surrounds them. Lead them away from harm’s path and care for them until they are safe again.”

Find 47 days of prayers at #PrayforRefugees

Photo: A Syrian girl attends remedial education classes funded by World Vision Jordan and transcends her trauma to rediscover the joy of learning and life. © 2015 World Vision

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