Update: While this bill was technically presented in June, it was all of your work in May and the months before that undoubtedly helped make this happen! This morning the appropriations subcommittee on Labor, Health, and Human Services presented their bipartisan bill for consideration. The bill includes $91.125 million for the International Labor Affairs Bureau, which many of you began to advocate for last year. The bill will now move onto the full committee on Thursday, June 9, and we will learn more details then. We are grateful to Senators Blunt and Murray for their efforts to protect children from exploitative child labor and the over 150 advocates who have recently contacted their members of Congress about this important issue. Click here to say thank you to members of Congress who have led on this issues. Send a thank you tweet to the Senators now!

Large victories are the ones that often make headlines– such as a bill passing. However, without the small successes in between, progress would never be possible. We owe the wins small and large 100 percent to advocates! We would like to say thank you, and celebrate what you did in May.

Here are some ways your advocacy made an impact last month:

In May alone, you  sent almost 500 messages to Congress in support of the Reach Every Mother and Child (Reach) Act, the Global Food Security Act (GFSA), and funding for humanitarian response to the Refugee crisis. That type of persistence is so important in keeping the needs of those who are in greatest need at the front of our leaders’ minds.

We have seen 18 new co-sponsors in the House of Representatives and  two new co-sponsors in the Senate for the Reach Act in just one month! Every public showing of support makes the bill stronger. In addition, World Vision prayed for the Reach Act on Capitol Hill with members of Congress and other faith-based organizations. If your members of Congress have co-sponsored the Reach Act, make sure to thank them, and if they haven’t, consider taking the time to ask them to cosponsor the bill.

The GFSA has passed the House and Senate and is on its way to the finish line. Thanks to your many emails, calls, and tweets, the House Foreign Affairs Committee decided to review and pass the Senate version of the bill and now we are waiting for this version of the bill to be scheduled for a full vote in the House of Representatives (see a quick refresher on how a bill becomes a law here). While we are hopeful that this bill will keep moving forward, your continued advocacy on this issue is important. If you haven’t already, send a message to your Representatives asking them to support this bill and to urge leaders to schedule a vote soon! When the vote is scheduled, we would like to reach every member of the House by phone, email, or Twitter and remind them how important this bill is. Follow the blog for updates as they happen!

Many of you joined our conference call on May 11 to learn more about the Reach Every Mother and Child Act and how to use your social network to grow your advocacy. You shared your strategies for advocacy and took the time to dive deeper into legislation. If you missed the call you can see the recap here, and keep your eyes open for our next call on July 12!

Photo:  Vanessa, age 6, holds her family’s  harvests with her parents. © 2015 World Vision/ photo by Lena Renju

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