You’ve likely seen or heard about the current flurry of activity in the U.S. Senate, beginning the confirmation process for President-elect Trump’s cabinet nominees. These are the people that will have leadership roles in the Administration — either heading up an agency or department or serving in another critical advisory role to the President.

As part of the United States government’s system of checks and balances between the Administration and Congress, the Senate has a process to vet and confirm these nominees. Much like how a bill becomes a law, there are hearings, votes in committees, and then a vote by the full Senate. Unlike legislation, the House of Representatives doesn’t play a role in this process.

This vetting process is critical and something organizations like World Vision engage in on behalf of those we serve. Senators can ask hard and direct questions to nominees, clarifying their positions on issues or getting a better understanding of priorities they would focus on in their new position. Particularly when a nominee doesn’t have a background in public service or policy, these questions help Senators determine whether or not to vote in favor of a nominee. For World Vision and other organizations working in relief, development, and advocacy, answers to questions can provide insight on how U.S. foreign assistance might be focused or what upcoming policies we may need to be watchful of.

World Vision and other organizations have sent questions for the nominees to Senators on the issues that are important to Christian humanitarians.

  • Will nominees involved in diplomacy and foreign assistance support doing more to help protect children fleeing Syria and work on peaceful solutions to the conflict?
  • Do nominees value the agenda of ending preventable maternal and child deaths, and how will they work to move that agenda forward?
  • Do nominees understand how violence in all its forms impacts the health and well-being of children?

From food security to clean water to economic development, these questions will help us understand the direction of the next Administration, which in turn will influence where we focus our advocacy.

While there is still a lot we don’t know about who will be serving in agency positions and what the new administration’s policies and priorities might be, we will continue to take every opportunity to ensure that the issues you care about are part of the agenda. As we seek to address the issues that break the heart of God, and the role the U.S. government can play in alleviating poverty and suffering, we will ask the hard questions of those serving in our government. We will pray for them and lift them up. We will be partners in finding solutions to the vast problems facing our country and our world.

Comment below to tell us what questions you would like to see asked.

Photo compilation: Reuters (2017)


  • Would any of these leaders support churches hosting Syrian families?
    (I am thinking how a church hosted the Vietnamese family who was the subject of the World Vision publication “Where the Wind Leads”)

  • Please be clear as to why your comment on break the heart of god is a valid one. Every aspect and attributes of this life we live and our desisions! Etc!! Our and always will be imperfect.. So why…..

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