Currently, U.S. foreign assistance is at risk of cuts between 30-40 percent. These cuts would not only be disproportionate, but they would also severely impact millions of people being helped by life-saving programs that are funded by U.S. foreign assistance.

Many countries experience unparalleled suffering and loss of life due extreme poverty, disease, natural disasters, and conflict. Today, there are 65 million displaced people, the most since World War II, and 795 million people still go to bed hungry every night.

Both Republican and Democratic administrations have strong legacies of supporting humanitarian and development programs that enable countless people to pull themselves out of poverty and live life with dignity. Accounting for less than one percent of the U.S. budget, foreign aid programs alleviate suffering around the globe: helping to nearly eliminate polio, cut in half the number of people living in extreme poverty, and stop the spread of infectious diseases like HIV and Ebola.

Learn why U.S. foreign assistance matters and how it works by checking out our new infographic below!

Learn why U.S. foreign assistance matters: cuts would severely impact millions of people being helped by life-saving programs.

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