Of every U.S. tax dollar, less than one cent goes to U.S. foreign assistance programs. For this one penny, schools are built and communities are encouraged to send children to school, while being given economic opportunities so that they can feel secure to pay school fees and provide for children, without children having to take on work. For this one penny, women are lifted up and taught skills in agriculture and business, and communities are engaged to fight gender based violence. For this one penny, communities are provided with clean water so that children are healthier, crops can grow, and young girls can receive an education. This penny does more than save lives – it lifts up communities, educates, enriches, and creates a future where people can be proud that they are resilient and self-reliant. For this penny, the U.S. receives security, global trade partners, and an opportunity to reflect our values.

Tell Congress that foreign assistance is #WorthThePenny.

Below are five tweets that can be sent to your members of Congress. Enter your information, and the tweets will automatically be directed to your members of Congress. In the President’s budget, it has been proposed that foreign assistance accounts are cut by an average of one-third. Use these messages to tell Congress to reject these cuts because foreign assistance is #WorthThePenny.

Tell Congress U.S. foreign assistance is #worththeypenny and to reject any proposed cuts to foreign assistance programs. Personalize the tweets about why this issue is important to you. Feel free to make edits and additions to highlight what you think is most important. Send all tweets now, or come back once a day to send a new message to your member.

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#ForeignAid is 1 penny per tax $ but gives lifesaving assistance to millions Tell Congress: aid is #worththepenny

ACT NOW: Tell Congress no cuts to US #ForeignAid. Investing in aid creates a more peaceful world. #worththepenny

Did you know only 1 penny per taxpayer dollar goes towards US #ForeignAid? Learn why aid is #worththepenny”

If you would like to learn more about using social media to advocate, and how Congress responds, check out the latest post in our Talking to Congress series. Click here.


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