Next Tuesday, September 5, join us for a call-in day to ask Congress to support U.S. foreign assistance programs. This is the day Senators and Representatives return from recess, and we have heard that important budget decisions may be made as early as next week, making it more important than ever to make our message heard. We have talked about how the cost of cuts could negatively impact the ability to protect over 4 million people from HIV, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria. We have heard World Vision President Rich Stearns talk about how Christians should care about foreign assistance because it is consistent with our values. And we have seen everyone from business people to former generals share their reasons for supporting U.S. foreign assistance. Now, it is your turn — use your voice to support foreign assistance.

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The Impact of a Call

It only takes 10 phone calls in one day on an issue to get a member of Congress’ attention. By being a part of our call-in day, your impact multiplies with everyone who takes action. Your influence is valuable — so make it count!

Here are some tips for calling Congress taken from our “Talking to Congress” blog series:

  • A phone call can be quick, often taking less than one minute from dialing to hanging up.
  • You can read off of a script.
  • If you really do not want to talk to someone, call in the evening – you can leave a voicemail and it will be counted the same.
  • Be polite. Staffers speak to hundreds of people a day, many who are angry, and many who are rude. Your kindness will be appreciated.
  • If you would like, you can always ask for follow-up.

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Photo: Widowed mother of four Marguerite struggled to provide basic necessities for her children, including basic nutrition until World Vision introduced a farming technology known as e-Hinga (e-Farming) to small-scale farmers in her community. E-Hinga is a technology invented to help small-holder farmers in Rwanda to improve their productions by accessing agronomic services via a mobile phone. © 2017 World Vision/ photo by Achel Bayisenge

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