Today, join our call-in day for U.S. foreign assistance. It’s Congress’ first day back from recess and there are rumors that they will be making decisions on the Federal Budget for FY18 this week, including U.S. foreign assistance. Ask them to reject any cuts to these life-saving programs today.

1 Call, 1 Minute

Calling Congress takes less than one minute! In this video, Hazel demonstrates just how easy it is to call Congress by making a call about the Reach Act. We promise it is this easy to make a call for all of our issues, including foreign assistance. So what are you waiting for? Watch the video, then pick up your phone!

Take Action

Photo: Scenes from a food distribution at Naapong Food For Assets site in Turkana, Kenya. There has been very little rain in Turkana, with drought cycles becoming more and more frequent. © 2017 World Vision/photo by Jon Warren


  • I believe that this is a quick and easy way for citizens to be engaged with their U.S. senators and representatives. I have previously written emails, letters and attended events with my congressional delegation but this was my first phone call experience. Because of the time that I called, all my phone calls went to voice mail. Thanks.

  • Good afternoon,
    This message is to share my views on the budget cuts for FY18. I am officially opposed to these cuts. It is my belief that these budgets NEED to be upheld as the need is great.

    Pamela S. Stutzman

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