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Photo: Heena, 17, and her friend sponsored child Arti Yadav, 16, show their fists as a part of a World Vision self-dense group. World Vision partnered with the Delhi police and arranged for 250 girls in the neighborhood to take self-defense courses where they learned techniques to escape physical assault and the tools to confront and report harassment. © 2016 World Vision/ photo by Eugene Lee


  • I think that World Vision is a good,nice,& friendly Christian organization & I still like sponsoring my little sponsored girl from Honduras-San Marcos,Honduras!!

  • All of the above issues are very important, and I thank World Vision for extending help to all the needy people in the world. And for keeping people informed as to what we can do to help.

  • We respond to the call ~ we stand at the ready ~ swords drawn & shields raised … to Engage The Justice Of Christ, that the PERFECT will of Heaven be NOW integrated into all global governmental systems for the purposes of Christ’s Mission … for such a time as this!

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