Today is our call-in day to support the Reach Every Mother and Child (Reach) Act! When you make your phone call you will be joining advocates in Washington, D.C. today who are speaking out for the health of moms and children in meetings on Capitol Hill. Collectively, your voices will be louder and Congress will notice.

This bipartisan bill, which aims to help end maternal and child deaths by 2030, was first introduced in 2015. Because people like you were willing to speak out, many senators and representatives declared their support for the bill. But, during the last session of Congress the Reach Act did not make it across the finish line. Now, we are rallying together to ask Congress take action and turn this reintroduced bill into a law.

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If this is your first time calling Congress, you may wonder if one phone call matters — we can assure you it does. As few as 10 phone calls to a member of Congress on a single issue in one day is enough to get their attention. By advocating together, we make a difference. Still have questions about calling your representative’s office? We’ve got you covered.

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Photo: Mother with twins, Moyo ADP, Zambia. © 2017 World Vision/photo by Jon Warren

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