Today is the day! Advocates across the country are reaching out to their members of Congress to show their support for legislation that benefits children worldwide. Join them by advocating for one of the six bills currently in Congress that can help children not only survive but thrive, reaching their God-given potential. With Congress going on recess soon and elections this fall, this is one of the last opportunities to see these bills become law. Your advocacy on these bills matters now more than ever.

Act Now

Don't know which bill advocate for today?

With six different issues to choose from, picking one might seem daunting. That's why we made this quiz!

Never called Congress before?

Don't worry! We promise that calling your members of Congress isn't scary and is actually pretty easy. Watch Hazel demonstrate how to influence Congress in under a minute.

Take the plunge!

Or...Advocate for all six issues

Whether you can't decide which issue to advocate for or you feel that you must advocate for them all, this call script shows you how to raise awareness for all six issues in a single phone call.

Make a Call for Children in Need
Enter your info below to find your members of Congress.
Stand out on the phone: be polite, explain why you care, and always say thank you!

Photo: Children in Makindube ADP, Tanzania. © 2013 World Vision/ photo by Jon Warren

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