By Amanda Mootz and Cassie Paulsen, World Vision Advocacy Mobilization

There’s someone we want you to meet this summer. We think you have some things in common – you both care about doing good in the world, likely share the same faith, and love your families. Together, we believe you two can positively influence the lives of kids impacted by poverty around the world.

Will you meet with your member of Congress?

Your legislators can help end global poverty, and summer is the best time to encourage them to do that. Every August, Congress takes a recess from Washington, D.C. and your representatives head back home to your community. They make themselves available to meet with constituents (that’s you!) and listen to what you care about. They actually want to hear from you!

Can one meeting with your member of Congress help kids around the world experience life in all its fullness? YES! Global poverty is complex, and we need you to ask your elected leaders to be a part of the solution. This year, advocates have been working hard to advocate for legislation and funding that will help ensure vulnerable children are safe, healthy, and have opportunity.

Once you sign up for your meeting, we’ll help you prepare to confidently advocate for one of these issues – one that God has laid on your heart, or one that your member of Congress has special influence over. You don’t have to be an expert to do it. We’ll provide you with personal support every step of the way:  how to schedule, prepare, and follow-up. Simply share your heart for kids and God will do the rest!

If you’re reading this, God has likely given you a heart for justice, and you’ve likely emailed or called your member of Congress. This summer, take your advocacy a step further by meeting with your member of Congress.

Sign up here and we’ll show you just how easy it is to live out the gospel in a whole new way. Then, keep reading to learn more about the difference we’ll make, together!

We advocate so that children everywhere can experience the full life that Jesus offers. We need you to meet with your member of Congress to help make sure:

Children are safe

We‘re advocating for the following bills so that children can live free from fear and protected from harm:

Children are healthy

We’re advocating for greater U.S. investment in the interventions and programs that save lives and make children strong:

Children have opportunity

Even though U.S. foreign assistance is less than 1 percent of the federal budget, it has recently faced disproportionate proposed cuts. We’re advocating to protect these programs that save lives and give children the possibility for a hopeful future through robust funding for FY19 U.S. Foreign Assistance.

Safe, healthy children, with the hope of opportunity. Life in all its fullness for every child. We invite you to share this vision with your member of Congress this summer, and ask them to use their influence to help make this vision a reality. Sign up below and watch your inbox for next steps!

Yes, I'd like to meet with my members of Congress. (A World Vision team member will be in touch.)

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