Question: How many people in the world regularly don’t have enough food to eat?

Answer: Nearly 815 million, at last count.

Each year, poor nutrition is an underlying cause of approximately 2.7 million childhood deaths. In addition, 155 million children are stunted and 52 million suffer from wasting.

But there’s good news: The U.S.’ focus on fighting hunger globally helped lift more than 900 million people out of poverty since 2010. The original Global Food Security Act, signed into law on July 20, 2016, created a unified U.S. government strategy to help fight global hunger through support of the Feed the Future initiative. Now, this bill is up for renewal. Click here to ask Congress to support it.

Last week’s answer

Last week we asked about the risk of pregnancy and child bearing for younger mothers. How did you do? The answer to the question “How much greater is the risk of death due to pregnancy or childbirth when a mother is age 15-19 versus ages 20-24?” was “2x greater – for the mothers and their children” and just 12 percent of you answered correctly!

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