Your voice can make a difference on June 20!

As few as 10 calls in a day on a particular issue can be enough to grab the attention of members of Congress.

That’s why, in recognition of World Refugee Day on June 20, we’re asking you to join us and make a call on behalf of kids and families facing violence and conflict. Together, we can help protect children, decrease violence, and promote a more stable world by advocating for the Global Fragility Act!

Will you speak up to protect kids and families around the world?

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Why we need the Global Fragility Act

Violence and conflict around the world have created the current global refugee crisis. The Global Fragility Act would create a long-term strategy to help address root causes of violence and conflict around the world, allowing more people the option to stay safely at home. Read this to learn how the Act would address conflict and fragility.

Currently, conflict and violence drive 80 percent of humanitarian needs. Sixty-six million people worldwide have fled their homes seeking safety because of violence — that’s more than those affected by natural disasters for the first time in history.

But there’s reason for hope. By proactively addressing the root causes of conflict and fragility, we can help create a safer world for everyone.

This World Refugee Day, we need you to speak up. Tell Congress that passing the Global Fragility Act is a vital first step to creating a safer world for children and families and showing love to all God’s children. The call is simple, and we’ll provide a script for you to use if you’d like. The more calls made on June 20, the better chance the Act has of getting passed and making a difference!

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We need a smart, long-term approach to addressing violence. Passing this Act is a critical first step that will start us on the path to a safer world where people aren’t forced to flee home and children can grow up safe and protected.

This World Refugee Day, join us in answering God’s call to speak on behalf of those who can’t speak for themselves (Prov. 31:8), and tell Congress that you support creating a safer, more stable world for all of us.

Fill out this form and we’ll send you a reminder email to call your representative on Thursday, June 20 — World Refugee Day! We’ll also provide a script that you can use. You won’t be alone: Advocates across the United States will be calling Capitol Hill that day about this issue. Together, our voices will be raised in unison for a safer world for children. Thanks for joining us!

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Top photo: Children whose families are served by the Rohingya Camp 19 World Vision community kitchen play outside in the refugee camp. Rohingya Refugee Camps, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.  ©2019 World Vision, Jon Warren

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