Influencing Congress

February 1, 2017By Christina BradicResources, Talking to Congress 1 Comment

What keeps you from contacting Congress? What we most often get asked is, “Does it matter?” or “Will I be heard?” The short answer is yes. Every message matters in some way and has an impact. The real question is, how will your message be the most effective? Cokie Roberts is a political columnist and … Read More

Why we need to come together officially, to end violence against children

January 3, 2017By Christina BradicProtecting Children 2 Comments

Officially, there are over one billion reasons to come together to end violence against children. Over half of the world’s children are affected by violence, and every one of these more than one billion children deserve a life where they can thrive and reach their full potential. Violence against children includes abuse, exploitation, forced labor, … Read More

Over, but not broken

December 12, 2016By Christina BradicForeign Assistance, Making History 1 Comment

On Saturday, Congress officially adjourned. You may have heard about this in the news in the context of, ‘This week Congress adjourned without doing… X.’ But behind the news headlines and media stories, behind the doors of Congress, there are people who represent you, who listen to you, working to get things done – and … Read More

We can act on the call

June 22, 2016By Christina BradicHealthy Moms and Kids No Comments

This week, USAID released the third annual report, Acting on the Call: Ending preventable child and maternal deaths. Nearly 300,000 women die each year from pregnancy and childbirth, but the good news is that we have a plan. In 2014, the first Acting on the Call report laid out a roadmap – save 600,000 women’s lives by 2020 and the … Read More

Be a voice for moms and babies

March 1, 2016By Christina BradicHealthy Moms and Kids 31 Comments

Due to the support of a bipartisan group in the House of Representatives, which includes Dave Reichert (R-WA) and Betty McCollum (D-MN), there is a letter that your member of Congress can sign in support of global maternal and child health programs. These programs are often at risk for funding cuts—cuts that would be devastating to mothers and children around the world. See how you can help.

Remembering on Christmas Eve

December 24, 2015By Christina BradicBiblical Call to Advocacy 2 Comments

Today we share the last post in our Advent series. We ask, how often do things that seem small and unremarkable end up being a part of something big, as was the case with the birth of Jesus? It is all a part of God’s plan, which we do not know. However, we do know we are meant to share His love. Join us as we share God’s love and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ by sending prayers for peace around the world.