What is happening in Syria?

April 6, 2017By WV AdvocacyRefugee Crisis 2 Comments

This week headlines filled with news of a deadly chemical attack in Northern Syria. Many media outlets named it the “worst chemical event in years” and it was labeled “reprehensible” and “atrocious.” The problem is that these labels make the tragedy seem unusual. The truth is that every day lives are lost in Syria — in schools, … Read More

Conference Call Review: Analysis of the President’s FY18 Proposed Budget

March 23, 2017By WV AdvocacyCall to Action, Learn about Advocacy No Comments

If you missed the World Vision Advocacy Conference Call: Analysis of the President’s FY18 Proposed Budget earlier this week, you can listen to the recording below. https://www.uberconference.com/getmp3/AMIfv96PcWmQDGQ7JMepZbXOJBDdwPJFzcp2-9eElTjpuGdjVtfL83VzRKF7ZWXYsOpXVxDtW1l7ido4dqaaz7AqzeHoD373BEDURphvkb1vgOF66fopia5uB896_776m-NVoP90DViALriw2EDgshEo6Vf0LvNhTw.mp3 Recording Starts: Amanda Mootz, Advocacy Mobilization Specialist opens the call and introduces the issue — proposed cuts to U.S. foreign assistance; timestamp 04:10 On March 16, the President … Read More

Why U.S. Foreign Assistance Matters

March 7, 2017By WV AdvocacyForeign Assistance, Learn about Advocacy 1 Comment

Currently, U.S. foreign assistance is at risk of cuts between 30-40 percent. These cuts would not only be disproportionate, but they would also severely impact millions of people being helped by life-saving programs that are funded by U.S. foreign assistance. Many countries experience unparalleled suffering and loss of life due extreme poverty, disease, natural disasters, … Read More

A cooperative Congress can save lives

March 2, 2017By WV AdvocacyForeign Assistance No Comments

This blog post was posted in 2012 on World Vision’s blog but is still relevant today. With proposed cuts to the foreign affairs budget, now is the time for Congress to work together. You can contact Congress asking them to work together and to keep in mind the impact their decisions will have on God’s children around … Read More