What the President’s Budget Means for Maternal and Child Health

February 10, 2015By Lisa BosHealthy Moms and Kids No Comments

On Monday, February 2nd, President Obama released his budget proposal for the next fiscal year, FY 2016. While this is just the first step in a year-long process to get a budget through Congress, the budget is meaningful in that it shows the priorities of the President and where he thinks Congress should go.

One of the areas where the President has talked positively is in the area of maternal and child health. In fact, in his State of the Union address in 2013, President Obama said that it was a priority of the United States to end preventable child deaths in the next two decades, a very exciting moment for those of us who advocate on global health issues. While this verbal commitment was a great moment, funding for maternal and child health hasn’t kept pace with what we know is needed to actually meet the commitment…

Study Shows: Congress Pays Attention to Social Media

Study Shows: Congress Pays Attention to Social Media

February 5, 2015By WV AdvocacyLearn about Advocacy 4 Comments

Last December, one senator put a hold on the Water for the World Act. We put out a call to action and you answered─ with over 300 tweets in a matter of hours! The office responded and before the Senate adjourned that evening, that Water for the World Act was on its way to the President’s desk to be signed into law!

Research backs what we found to be true that day─ Congressional offices pay attention to social media.

A Citizen’s Guide to Advocacy

February 3, 2015By WV AdvocacyLearn about Advocacy 2 Comments

In January, we talked about our biblical call to advocate and seek justice. Pastor Eugene Cho shared that as Christians, we have a commitment to not just talk about justice, but to take action. However, sometimes it is difficult to know how to take the first step. We have put together A Citizen’s Guide to … Read More

Eugene Cho: Justice is Not an Accessory

Eugene Cho: Justice is Not an Accessory

January 29, 2015By Guest AuthorBiblical Call to Advocacy 6 Comments

Pastor Eugene Cho shares why as Christians we have a call to be advocates– even if we don’t like politics, and a call to seek justice– even if it comes at a cost. “I pastor a church in Seattle and what I tell my congregation is I’m not in love with politics, I don’t really like politics, but I understand that’s just part of how our systems work…politics informs policies which will ultimately impact people. People really matter to God, and as a result, we have to engage in the political process.” Click through to watch the interview.

Justice as a Theological Necessity

Justice as a Theological Necessity

January 22, 2015By Guest AuthorBiblical Call to Advocacy No Comments

By Ken Wytsma, founder of The Justice Conference I often use the phrase “Theology of Justice.” In fact, it was one of the founding ideas and goals of The Justice Conference—to discuss and promote a theological understanding of justice. But what does a “theology of justice” mean? Simply put, it means that our understanding of … Read More

To Fight Global Poverty #Action2015

January 15, 2015By WV AdvocacyGlobal Goals 3 Comments

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), eight goals set by world leaders in 2000 to halve global poverty, come to an end this year with a 2015 deadline. Just setting the MDGs was a monumental step in the fight against extreme poverty. Today is the launch of Action 2015, a global grassroots campaign united in the common belief that the decisions taken in 2015 are critical for our future. We want to make a noise that world leaders can’t ignore. Click through to see how you can join us and our 15 musts for fighting global poverty in the next 15 years.

The Living Water of Justice

January 8, 2015By Guest AuthorBiblical Call to Advocacy 1 Comment

Christ’s incarnational birth for the sake of humanity is God’s greatest gift to the world. What an incredible wonder that the God of the universe “so loved the world” that He chose to send Jesus (John 3:16). Savior and Redeemer. Advocate and Counselor. Beloved Son. Anointed One. Lamb of God.

Christ came into the world so that all of creation might once again be reconciled to God. A broken world, through Christ, is once again made right. Jesus came so that the people of God might have “knowledge of salvation through the forgiveness of their sins” (Luke 1:77). Death to life. Darkness to light.

The kingdom of God — with justice and shalom — is a picture of the way God intended the world to be.