World Pneumonia Day

November 12, 2015By Christina BradicDisease Prevention, Healthy Moms and Kids No Comments

One of the many memories I have as a child growing up in the Pacific Northwest is having to walk to the bus stop in the Winter with a scarf wrapped around my head — an itchy scarf that I hated. However, my mother could see me at the bus stop from the kitchen window, so I had to keep it on because — her words, “If I didn’t keep my ears covered, I was going to catch pneumonia!”

If my six year-old self had known what I know now

What the Budget Deal Means for the Issues You Care About

November 3, 2015By Lisa BosForeign Assistance No Comments

You may have heard or read in the news that Congress passed a bipartisan budget agreement last week; yesterday it went to the President’s desk. Even for the most hardcore advocates, your eyes may have glazed over reading terms like “overseas contingency operations” and “sequester caps.” So what is the budget deal, and what does it mean for some of the things you have been advocating for, like restoring funding for programs to prevent child labor and additional funding for the Syrian crisis?

Contributing a Voice to Reach the Most in Need

Contributing a Voice to Reach the Most in Need

September 25, 2015By Guest AuthorGlobal Goals No Comments

Frank Williams, World Vision International New York City director and United Nations representative, shares why World Vision is participating in the United Nations General Assembly, which begins this week, and the importance of having a voice there. Viewed from U.N. headquarters in New York, where a new Global Development Agenda is being adopted this week … Read More

Celebrating Fathers – Practicing Faith for Healthier Families

June 18, 2015By Guest AuthorHealthy Moms and Kids 2 Comments

In honor of Father’s Day, we are celebrating the role fathers play in improving families. Recently, World Vision Ethiopia released the report Practicing Faith: “Four stories from Ethiopia.” This report focuses on the role faith leaders can play in improving maternal and child health in communities. Below, Aberra Golo, a father and evangelical minister at a local church, shares … Read More

Bringing Maternal Health to Capitol Hill

June 17, 2015By WV AdvocacyHealthy Moms and Kids No Comments

Last week, World Vision joined the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) and Save the Children for a panel discussion and briefing on Capitol Hill. The goal was to highlight the success of maternal and child health interventions, including U.S. funded projects that are saving mothers’ lives and ending preventable child deaths– leading to stronger, … Read More