Today is Human Rights Day

December 10, 2013By WV AdvocacyProtecting Children No Comments

Twenty years ago today, an unprecedented number of countries and partners came together in Vienna to adopt the Vienna Declaration of Human Rights. Throughout the years, the United Nations has held summits recognizing the rights of different groups of people. Known as mandates, these are the rights that UN peacekeepers recognize and commit to protecting. Here … Read More

“It’s like we are no one.”

December 3, 2013By Guest AuthorProtecting Children 1 Comment

A Human Rights Issue is a Child Health Issue. By James Pedrick, Community Engagement Manager for World Vision Youth, and Christina Bradic, Beyond 5. Normally on Beyond 5, we talk about maternal and child health issues, but today we wanted to fill you in on a situation happening right now in the Dominican Republic.  People … Read More

Movies in July: Brownstones to Red Dirt

July 12, 2013By WV AdvocacyProtecting Children No Comments

Kids from Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy projects and orphans from Sierra Leone’s brutal civil war have one thing in common: no one gives them a chance. Brownstones to Red Dirt, a feature-length documentary, tells the story of how these “lost” groups find one another through a pen pal program that not only shapes their lives, but also … Read More

Movies in July: Small Voices

July 5, 2013By WV AdvocacyProtecting Children No Comments

Each week in July, Beyond 5 is bringing you movie recommendations.  These movies may not be of the typical summer blockbuster variety, but they tell amazing stories.  Today our feature is Small Voices: The Stories of Cambodia’s Children.  ‘A revealing look at the difficult challenges street children in Cambodia face every day, this documentary chronicles the … Read More