World Water Day: The Impact of Water around the World

March 22, 2017By Beth Ann SaraccoClean Water, Food and Nutrition No Comments

By Beth Ann Saracco, policy advisor for food security and livelihoods and Catherine Namwezi, World Vision intern with the Government Relations and Advocacy team Sometimes it is easy to think of issues affecting poverty as individual problems that need to be solved one-by-one, like providing clean water, food security, protection for children, education, and providing … Read More

World Water Day

March 22, 2016By WV AdvocacyClean Water 1 Comment

Today is World Water Day! It is not only a day to celebrate clean water and the benefits it brings us, but to also remember the need for clean water, sanitation, and hygiene around the world. Here are the facts: 663 million people lack access to safe water to drink, cook with, and bathe in; … Read More

A Sincere Thank You

December 17, 2014By Lisa BosClean Water, Making History 1 Comment

Lisa Bos, World Vision’s senior policy adviser for health, education, and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), has been working on the other side of the Water for the World Act for the past three years– on Capitol Hill, in the halls of Congress. She knows everything that has gone into passing this bill and even … Read More

To D.C. and Back

May 14, 2014By Guest AuthorAdvocate Stories, Clean Water 1 Comment

By Dave Erickson “Do you mean, like filtered water?” That question came from the bank teller standing in front of me a few days ago. She had asked me if I’d traveled anywhere recently. I told her my wife and I had attended a clean water conference in Washington D.C. I knew she was thinking … Read More

We are Live, from D.C.!

March 13, 2014By WV AdvocacyClean Water, Events 2 Comments

 Today is day two of H2O:DC and we are going to Capitol Hill! Visit the blog throughout the day and follow us on Twitter for live updates as 165 advocates attend over 150 meetings- because we believe that the Water for the World Act should become law. You can support us by sending messages of … Read More

Let’s #CheerstoH2O

March 11, 2014By WV AdvocacyClean Water 1 Comment

 Cheers: a verb- meaning, 1. A shout for joy or in praise; 2. to show gratitude or acknowledgment for something. “To your health” can be more than a wish; it can be an intention we set through policy. This year, World Vision is joining with other organizations with a goal to raise awareness and support … Read More