Seeds for a Daughter’s Future

June 15, 2017By Guest AuthorFood and Nutrition No Comments

Fathers around the world want to love and care for their children. But for some fathers, the ability to provide for their children can be just out of reach. This is where organizations like World Vision come in to empower these fathers and provide them with the tools that they need to build a sustainable future … Read More

Aid Expert to Congress: Food Assistance ‘must not be eliminated’

June 14, 2017By Kathryn ReidFood and Nutrition 1 Comment

Speaking before the House Agriculture Committee on June 7, 2017, Margaret Schüler, senior vice president for World Vision’s international programs group, said proposed funding changes to U.S. Government food aid will have “life-or-death consequences for the poorest people in the world” and will threaten America’s safety and security.  Here is the text of her address: … Read More

Congressman Speaks Out Against Hunger

May 9, 2017By Zoey WilsonFood and Nutrition, Foreign Assistance 2 Comments

There are multiple issues that contribute to the cycle of poverty, including poor economic circumstances, food insecurity, access to education, conflict, and a host of other things. So what is the best approach to tackle a big problem? Programs that do not just tackle one issue but instead look at finding a holistic solution. The McGovern–Dole International Food for Education and … Read More

World Water Day: The Impact of Water around the World

March 22, 2017By Beth Ann SaraccoClean Water, Food and Nutrition No Comments

By Beth Ann Saracco, policy advisor for food security and livelihoods and Catherine Namwezi, World Vision intern with the Government Relations and Advocacy team Sometimes it is easy to think of issues affecting poverty as individual problems that need to be solved one-by-one, like providing clean water, food security, protection for children, education, and providing … Read More

From Ice Cream to Famine

February 25, 2017By Stephanie HammondFood and Nutrition 2 Comments

Stephanie Hammond, World Vision policy adviser for conflicts and disasters, just returned from a trip to South Sudan. During her two and a half weeks in the country, she met the people affected first-hand by conflict, price inflations, and lack of aid. This week, I spoke with a mother, Elizabeth*, whose eight-month-old daughter suffered from severe … Read More

From the Nation’s Breadbasket: A Pastor’s Call to End Hunger

January 4, 2017By Guest AuthorFood and Nutrition 1 Comment

In this article originally published in a column co-hosted by Agri-Pulse and The Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Pastor John Crosby shares his experience witnessing poverty and hunger and reminds us of Jesus’ call to feed the hungry. By John Crosby “Give them something to eat,” Jesus said. As a pastor, I’m struck by these well-known words, spoken … Read More