Closing the Gap in Afghanistan

October 24, 2013By WV AdvocacyFood and Nutrition, Healthy Moms and Kids 1 Comment

Recently, World Vision Afghanistan won an award for helping to save the lives of children. Afghanistan has one of the highest under-five child mortality rates, yet has demonstrated excellence in supporting the country’s  efforts to reduce infant mortality through the World Health Organization’s Baby – Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI), which includes education on breastfeeding, caring for … Read More

Learn Interactively about Hunger

October 15, 2013By WV AdvocacyFood and Nutrition No Comments

Yesterday, the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) released the 2013 Global Hunger Index. This annual report shows hunger at the regional, national and global levels. You can see the progress that has been made and where there is still work to be done. Hunger and malnutrition are responsible for nearly half of preventable under … Read More

The Hunger Conversation

June 27, 2013By WV AdvocacyFood and Nutrition, Making History 2 Comments

Thank you! Last month you added your name to the hunger conversation and we delivered it to the White House.  We now know that nearly half of preventable deaths of children under 5 are due to hunger and malnutrition. By signing Beyond 5’s petition, you helped play a role in the United States addressing these … Read More

A Letter From Pakistan

June 6, 2013By WV AdvocacyFood and Nutrition No Comments

A 13-year-boy from Pakistan wrote a letter to the Canadian Prime minister, in which he describes his life and how he feels when he does not have any food to eat. He also urged the Canadian Prime Minister to eradicate hunger from Pakistan and from the whole world.  Canada is a G8 country, as is … Read More

What the World Eats

May 30, 2013By WV AdvocacyFood and Nutrition 1 Comment

Often on our mind is what we are going to eat. ‘What’s for dinner? What do we need from the store? Is this a good snack?’  Much less often do we think about what others eat, let alone, what the world eats. What does the world eat? Photojournalist Peter Menzel answered this question by compiling photo … Read More

Pray for the Hungry

May 28, 2013By WV AdvocacyFood and Nutrition No Comments

What We Know We know that there are more than 925 million people in the world who are undernourished, food insecure and hungry.  The world produces enough food for everyone on earth, but poverty, conflict, lack of resources and restricted access to land keeps families away from the food they need.  Poor nutrition is the … Read More

Good Nutrition Starts Before Birth

May 7, 2013By Guest AuthorFood and Nutrition No Comments

By Cat-Dan Lai-Smith When I was expecting my son a few years ago, I learned to anticipate the usual questions that most pregnant women receive, even from complete strangers. “When are you due?” “Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?” And inevitably, “Do you have any weird cravings?” Sadly, I didn’t have … Read More