Fight for a plan to end child marriage around the world

Every minute, 23 girls are given away in child marriage — don't let another minute go by without saying something.
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Dear Congress,

We’re called by God to care for the “least of these brothers and sisters” of ours (Matt. 25:40, NIV) — especially kids, who are the most vulnerable among us. Over one billion children experienced violence in the last year. Violence comes in many forms — including physical, emotional, and sexual — and includes child marriage, child labor, and child trafficking.

We appreciate the United States’ historically targeted strategy for this problem, focusing on one issue at a time — but now it’s time for the comprehensive approach of the Ending Violence Against Children resolution.

Violence against children must stop. Please champion this resolution and bring us closer to eliminating it for good.

There are 650 million child brides alive today. That’s 650 million girls who probably had to drop out of school and give up playing with friends. Girls who weren't emotionally or physically ready to become wives and mothers. Girls whose freedom and futures were cut short.

God’s will for every girl and boy is life in all its fullness (John 10:10), but child marriage is an unjust form of violence against children — it puts children in danger and keeps them from reaching their full potential.

There’s reason to hope, because we’re making progress: In the past decade, the number of young women who were married as children dropped by 15 percent. But still, one in five girls is married too young.

Sign our petition and you’ll join a chorus telling Congress that all God’s children deserve full futures — so child marriage must stop. We’ll urge them to support the Ending Violence Against Children resolution to fight child marriage, child trafficking, child labor, and other abuses.

Join us in ending this practice once and for all.