Senators and representatives are elected to Congress to represent you. Find your members of Congress below. Share what you would like them to do, what you are passionate about, and your opinion. Your voice matters. 

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Need help getting started? We have started messages for you on the following topics –
Saving moms and children
Ending violence against children

As few as ten phone calls to a Congressional office in a day are enough to bring an issue to a senator’s or representative’s desk. Every letter is read by someone in the office and replied to. Each week the member receives a report of all communications. Using this form you can easily find who represents you in the Federal Government, select who you want to contact, and create your message! The system will send it on your behalf and you will often receive a reply directly from the office.

Why should you contact your member of Congress?

  • Every call and email are documented and recorded.
  • As few as ten phone calls in one day can bring an issue to the member of Congress’ desk.
  • Every member is incredibly interested in what people living in their state and district are concerned about and have to say. Be sure to share where you are from in your message!

What kind of things can you share?

  • If you would like your member to take a specific action, such as cosponsoring a piece of legislation.
  • An article you read recently or a statistic you find interesting (part of the role of an advocate is to educate!).
  • Your role in the community, and any groups you represent.
  • A thank you for something your senator or representative has done that you appreciated.
  • A Bible verse that strikes you or a note of prayer (90.7 percent of Congress is Christian and nearly 98 percent is religious).

For more tips, read our blog series, Talking to Congress Step-by-Step.