Being informed is the key to being an effective advocate. We’ve made it easy
for you to get started — right here and right now — with all the tools you need.

Tools for the Beginner (PDFs)

A Citizen's Guide to Advocacy

This guide lays out the basics, from making a phone call or sending an email, as well as strategies to take your advocacy further.

Issue Fact Sheets

Relational Advocacy Tools

These in-depth advocacy tools will prepare you for talking with your member of Congress about global poverty during in-person meetings and through local media.


So Easy, a Kid Can Do It

Advocating for Clean Water

Why Mothers Matter for Global Poverty

It’s Not What You Know

How to Change the World

Maternal health in Sierra Leone

How to Influence Congress in Under a Minute

Beyond 5: Five is not a child's lifetime

A Faith-Rooted Response: Foreign Assistance