Being informed is the key to being an effective advocate. We’ve made it easy
for you to get started — right here and right now — with all the tools you need.

Tools for the Beginner (PDFs)

A Citizen's Guide to Advocacy

This guide lays out the basics, from making a phone call or sending an email, as well as strategies to take your advocacy further.

Issue Fact Sheets

Relational Advocacy Tools

These in-depth advocacy tools will prepare you for talking with your member of Congress about global poverty during in-person meetings and through local media.


Advocating for Clean Water

How to Change the World

So Easy, a Kid Can Do It

A Faith-Rooted Response

Influence Congress in Under a Minute

Why Mothers Matter for Global Poverty

Beyond 5: Five is not a child's lifetime

It’s Not What You Know

Healthy Timing and Spacing of Pregnancies

Maternal health in Sierra Leone