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Cassie Rollins Staff asked 3 years ago

After considering the unique constituent groups you represent, what additional constituent groups or voices – different from your own – could join your advocacy efforts for kids around the world?

Wanda Griffin replied 3 years ago

I am a board member & officer for Christian Job Corp. I need to brainstorm and find a creative way to introduce this at our summer workshop in July. I think this could be a good way to involve some influential members of my community. They all know of my advocate heart and efforts and speak fondly of this side of me. I have never involved them or specifically asked them to join me. Thank you for challenging me to get out of my comfort zone.

Cassie Rollins Staff replied 3 years ago

That’s so cool, Wanda! Is that a chapter/group local to your area? It sounds like your fellow board members would be a great place to ask around to see if anyone would consider joining you in advocacy!

Amanda Mootz replied 3 years ago

this is an awesome idea! (The best ones always require a little risk taking, huh?). We can pray for courage! 🙂

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Kristina answered 3 years ago

Additional constituent groups in my life include my parents and their networks. As a community they are very protective of our youth and their networks reflect their love for the growth of our youth.

Cassie Rollins Staff replied 3 years ago

That sounds great, Kristina! Another thing you could consider is putting yourself in your congresswoman’s shoes. What constituent groups matter to her? You can look a little bit at her biography or the issue areas that she cares about on her website — and that might give you some ideas.

Stan Norman answered 3 years ago

Within our small faith community, we are blessed to have a few key perspectives covered: women, business, education, religion, and veterans. We lack young adults, children, and health care. I’ll be looking for allies from those perspectives.

Cassie Rollins Staff replied 3 years ago

Love hearing this, Stan. It sounds similar to the USGLC model I mentioned in my video for this week — they always bring along a business, faith leader, and military/veteran voice in each of their meetings. I think the key is not simply having them there, but ensuring that they offer their unique perspective from that area (speak from authority)! I also like the idea of noting where you have key constituent groups covered and where you have some gaps.

Also, you may want to consider what you know about your Senator and the staff person you’ve been meeting with — are there any groups they would be particularly interested in seeing represented?

Anna Kostrivas answered 3 years ago

I’m a stay at home mom, so I’ve been thinking about including people who represent small businesses or the business world in general.  

Dave Knutte answered 3 years ago

I would like to connect to some of the non-profit organizations to whom my firm accounting firm provided auditing, financial reporting and IRS reporting services.  I should be able to get the attention of these leaders who have vast experience and knowledge I could tap into.

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