A Sincere Thank You

December 17, 2014By Lisa BosClean Water, Learn about Advocacy, News 1 Comment

Lisa Bos, World Vision’s senior policy adviser for health, education, and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), has been working on the other side of the Water for the World Act for the past three years– on Capitol Hill, in the halls of Congress. She knows everything that has gone into passing this bill and even … Read More

Water for the World is Becoming Law!

December 15, 2014By WV AdvocacyClean Water, News 9 Comments

Today at 8:09 P.M. EST the United States Senate adjourned, and before they did, they passed the Water for the World Act! The bill will now go to President Obama’s desk and be signed into law. Congratulations to all of our amazing advocates. Without you, we know this would not have been possible. It has … Read More

Success with WASH!

September 3, 2013By WV AdvocacyClean Water, News 4 Comments

Diarrheal disease is the number two killer of children under five years old. To prevent diarrheal disease, World Vision focuses on clean water, improved sanitation facilities, and hygiene — including hand washing and hand washing facilities. We recently saw success with these programs in World Vision communities. Mary Herrick, from World Vision’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene … Read More

The Hunger Conversation

June 27, 2013By WV AdvocacyFood and Nutrition, News 2 Comments

Thank you! Last month you added your name to the hunger conversation and we delivered it to the White House.  We now know that nearly half of preventable deaths of children under 5 are due to hunger and malnutrition. By signing Beyond 5’s petition, you helped play a role in the United States addressing these … Read More