Historic MINDS Act To Provide Mental Health Support for Children in Need

October 11, 2021By Nate LanceChild Protection, Foreign Assistance, Global Health, Take Action No Comments

In light of World Mental Health Day – in addition to the reality of a COVID-19 affected world – now is a critical moment to provide vulnerable children and their caregivers with the mental health and psychosocial support and care that they need. Help us pass the Mental Health in International Development and Humanitarian Settings (or MINDS Act) today.

Addressing Violence in Central America

September 9, 2021By WV AdvocacyChild Protection, Foreign Assistance, Policies and Recommendations, Take Action No Comments

Violence has a negative impact on all aspects of people’s lives— physical, emotional, economic, social, and political—and is a key driver for forced migration from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. Children, youth, and women suffer the most from the impact of violence. Despite pandemic lockdowns and social distance restrictions—and a slight decrease in homicides—news about homicides, disappearances, and recently, the increase of violence against women and children, make the headlines of country newspapers every day. This diminishes the fragile hope for a better future of the Central American people.

The Need for Resilient Development in Central America

August 3, 2021By WV AdvocacyChild Protection, Food and Nutrition, Foreign Assistance, Take Action No Comments

Now more than ever, Central America is in need of resilient development and substantial foreign assistance. Central America has attained several development milestones in the past decades, such as poverty reduction and decreased child mortality. However, without resilience the country, community and individual levels, these gains are at risk of succumbing to existing vulnerabilities in the region that have been exacerbated by the pandemic and the impact of the hurricanes in late 2020. Act now to ensure stability and responsiveness in Central America!

Why the U.S. should become a global leader in ending child marriage & empowering adolescent girls

March 29, 2021By Edgar Sandoval, Sr., President and CEO, World Vision and Janti Soeripto, President and CEO, Save the ChildrenAdvocate Stories, Child Marriage, Child Protection, Gender, Take Action No Comments

Up to 10 million more girls over the next decade are at risk of child marriage as a result of the pandemic. For the first time in almost 30 years, adolescent girls are more, not less, at risk of child marriage.