This is part nine of our 12-part series, 12 Prayers of Christmas. Check back and join us as we pray together leading up to Christmas.

By Julie Stewart 

As we think of praying at Christmas, it is easy to think of our own families. We pray for health, happiness, and the ability to see each other over the holidays. If you are like the majority of Americans, you do not have to think of praying for food for a Christmas meal, or where their next meal will come from. We have food. We have the sustenance that daily life requires and more.

Being hungry and wondering when your next meal will be is heartbreaking. Yet, it happens – and not just to some, but to many. It happens in our own communities in America. In 2016, it is estimated that 15.8 million households, or about 1 in 8 families, struggle with food insecurity. Considering these figures, you have likely come in contact with someone concerned about food, hunger, and what they will eat.

When you gather over Christmas dinner with your family and friends, would you remember children and families who are hungry this season and say this prayer?

“Christ our God, bless us your servants, our home, the food and drink before us for you are the source of all blessings. You blessed the five loaves in the wilderness and fed the multitudes of men, women and children. Bless also these your gifts and increase them for the hungry people in the world. You are the one who blesses and sanctifies all things and to you we give glory forever. Amen.”

Julie Stewart is currently serving as an advocacy/government relations intern at World Vision and is writing for her Master’s Degree in Middle Eastern Studies. Julie has lived in and loves the Middle East and 100 percent recommends trying Lebanese falafel and Druze salads. She and her husband Jonathan live in Northern Virginia. 

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Photo: “Clean vegetables are not missing in our everyday meals thanks to my parents’ ‘green gardening’ with ‘green raising’ of chickens. I hope every family in my community has their own clean vegetables for their meals,” says Ly, who is pictured with her parents, elder sister Suong, and her grandmother at their home in Vietnam. © 2016 World Vision/ photo by Le Thiem Xuan

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