Globally, there are more than 25 million refugees in the world, about half of  whom are children. What does this mean for these children, their childhoods, and their futures? Learn about the hope, protection, and opportunity that education can bring a child refugee and how one bill currently in Congress can help — especially for the most vulnerable.

Meet Shaima

Alex Whittle, from World Vision Jordan, shares the story of Shaima:

“We were in our village when the missiles and bombs hit,” says Shaima, a sixth-grader.  She is a Syrian refugee in Jordan and lives with her father and mother. “All of the houses were destroyed. An explosion happened at the back of the school, so, that’s when I stopped going.”

Her family heard that things were better in Jordan, so they walked the 72-kilometer journey. But because of the heat from the sun, her sister got sunstroke and died.

“I don’t feel I can talk to my mother about my sister’s death because she’s grieving for my sister a lot. I don’t like to see tears on her face. I felt sad—our family was very close, and suddenly, we were torn apart.”

Now Shaima and her family are at the Azraq Refugee Camp in Jordan where World Vision works. Here, she is able to go to school, drink clean water, and participate in safe, fun activities like soccer.

“I wake up at five or six in the morning. I bring a pan full of water inside. I would heat the water because it is very cold from outside. Then, I check my homework before I go to school. I like school a lot because I get to learn a lot of different things. When I get back from school, I wash, do my homework, and then I go to the football pitch, where I meet my friends.”

Shaima no longer feels scared and thanks to the support she found with World Vision programs, has a bright future ahead of her. Because of the suffering she witnessed, she hopes to become a pediatrician. God willing, she will achieve her dreams.

Watch Shaima’s Story

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Photo: Shaima, a Syrian refugee, sits in class. © 2017 World Vision/ photo by Alex Whittle

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  • Remember our children of this world! This is our future. So many are displaced, and taken advantage of. Please remember that all children need to be taken care of. The necessities of life food, protection, medical attention, education, and the freedom to be a child without the risk of exploitation. Every child deserves this way of life.

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